Paul J. Milligan
  Software - Original software I have written. 
     Most are free, some are not !

Free  HVACSuiteMobile A new site I'm building where every tool is optimized for use on small-screen and mobile devices ( as well as PC's ).  Hundreds of refrigerant charts, HVAC/R-related tools, etc !

$ HVACSUITE A multi-function tool for the HVAC/R industry.  38 refrigerant charts, HVAC systems analysis, and much much more !

 PRICE REDUCED !  Now only $49.95 includes  ALL modules !

$ PMREFTOOL - HVAC / Refrigeration Tool for Palm PDA's ! Full 3-state psychrometric engine w/ processes, pressure charts for 38 refrigerants, refrigeration system analysis, and more !

Free Mini PsychroCalc - a cell-phone sized web-based psychrometric state point and 2-point mix calculator.  Runs on any device with a browser :  I-Phone / I-Pad, Blackberry, Windows CE / Mobile, PDA's, cell phones, etc.

Free PMToolIndex - A portable toolbox for network admins, software developers, and IT road warriors. Over 750 free power-tools in an organized structure you can customize, extend, and carry in your pocket !

Free MarkOfTheWeb - A program to fix the 'Mark of the Web' / 'Local Machine Zone'  security issue with certain HTML-based help files under IE 7 +.

Free FECTOOL - A free program for aiding research into campaign contributions, using imported FEC data tables.  Automates the download, clean-up, and database ETL functions.  Source code is available for free at Source Forge

Free SECDLL.DLL - Security tools wrapped in a DLL, with VB source code demo wrapper. Blowfish, CryptoAPI, MD5, machine ID, and more

Free DHTML script-based job search tool - link directly to 15 search engines

Free JPEGMaker - a small free program that creates 80 pixel -wide JPG thumbnails from any BMP, JPG, GIF, or ICO. Executable and VB source code included. Standard VB runtime files not included in the zip, I assume you have them by now.

Free PJMDLL - a free DLL based network enumeration tool

Free PMDOS - run any DOS command from Windows, capture the results in Windows. Stores commands for re-use, keeps running results for copying or editing, etc

Free PMRobot - apply automation macros to any Windows program for batch processing of files - printing, file conversions, and more

Free StockMon - a freeware program for tracking stocks and portfolios

Free Quick stock charts - an easy way to follow a set of stocks. DHTML / VBScript based. Nothing fancy, just fast charts.

Free LogiComp a free program from Lennox for residential heat load calculation

Free Mylar a free program I wrote for Siebe NW8000

Free MultiPrn a Visio add in I wrote for batch printing of mulitple files. Distributed by MicroSoft

Link - Ultimate White pages - find phone numbers of people, etc


My Resume    DOC   HTML 

Email me : PJM@POBOX.COM

Please feel free to contact me for contract programming work etc.

Case study :

How I addressed a million dollar a day POS problem

 My LAN / development environment features :
       Windows 7 x64 ( x32 available )
       7 TB disk, 16 GB RAM, dual GB NIC's
       Hex-core Core i7‑3930K proc +/HT
       Triple monitors ( 24 wide, 19 wide, 19 square)
       Water cooled, OC'd

       Various VM servers : Web, SQL,  DB's, OS's, ASP.Net, etc

       30 + VM's  VMWare VM list
       Screenshot  Windows 7 and SQL Server running in  VMs

Test / Dev platforms / tools :
Visual Studio 6 --> . Net 2010 ( '03 / '05 / '08 also installed )
Database Server - SQL Server 2008 ( 10 GB per DB )
Web Server - 2003 / 2008R2  ASP / ASP.Net 3.5 / 4
Monitors - Wide-screen and square
Wireless - 802.11 ( G and B )
Browsers Emulators / Simulators
IE 7 / 8 I-Phone / I-Pad
Chrome Blackberry
Firefox Opera Mini
Opera Opera Mobile
  Various cell phones
  Various PDA's

Pictures - me, my kitties, etc

Music - MP3's of some music I wrote

Third World Bomb Squad video clip

My reaction after a trip to NYC in May of '02, and the WTC site.